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Home page from my old wedsite

Home page from my old website

After thinking over and over about changing my site I decided to go for it! My old one was created from scratch in HTML, using some CSS and sprinkles of JAVA here and there. However, the biggest problem was editing it and keeping it up to date. Also it was my first site ever, which initially started as a project in college. A project that went through a million transformations, that never really satisfied, since working on it was SO time consuming!

Late last year at work, I began learning about WordPress while working with it and I must say I have fallen in love with it. It’s super flexible, easy to use and a real time saver. Also I have never blogged before and really wanted to, so making my new site a WordPress one gave me an easy solution to both.

I want to be posting regularly here, probably a bit of everything: thoughts, updates, news, inspirations, and really anything that interests me (I promise to try to stick to art/design type of stuff). I hope someone stumbles upon it and enjoys, but if not I guess I’m happy with being able to have a place where to “organize” my ideas 🙂

Also if someone reads this, thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy my NEW SITE!

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